Taher Sikder



Taher Sikder -who has a natural leading quality since student life, for this reason he involved in many social organizations and always nursing a searching mind to know and acquire the Metaphysical knowledge.  In this way, he joined and got the first Mind science based Training “SILVA METHOD” in 1997,  subsequently other courses of SILVA.  In the last 3 years Taher Sikder engaged himself to serve and guide the individual to help rid off their personal paranoia by giving counseling, applying holistic healing and Mind  Therapy.

By this time for broader aspect he decided to initiate the world famous and popular training “ The Law of Attraction” and this desire he flew to Mumbai to see and join the Michael Losier Seminar Law of Attraction July’2013, accordingly joined the Facilitator Training in KL, Malaysia on October’ 2013.

Now, the Law of Attraction Seminar started his journey in Bangladesh under the Banner of” Beacon Point “ a registered training company for Law of Attraction and other related Mind science based training.