Lorraine Peters

Lorraine Peters

Saint John, NB



Lorraine is a Certified Law of Attraction facilitator. She helps people & organizations understand why they may be attracting negative results in their personal life and business results, and how to deliberately attract the results they desire.

Lorraine helps her clients accelerate their success by getting crystal clear about their goals and reducing negativity, whether personal or professional.

Lorraine is the “how to” girl for teaching the Law of Attraction, and has earned the trust and respect of many people for her dedication to helping clients reach their personal and professional best. Lorraine loves teaching the 3 step formula for deliberate attraction because it is a formula, because it is a formula it can be used over and over again in many areas of your life and business, so participants receive maximum value.

Lorraine has successfully combined the principles of the Law of Attraction with her weight loss book Curve Appeal for a robust weight loss program called “How To Get Your Weigh”.

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

Vancouver, BC





JAMIE SMITH is a Life Coach and certified Law of Attraction facilitator, as well as being an actor, comedian, and voiceover artist. He leads Law of Attraction courses and workshops in Vancouver BC, and is a powerful and entertaining speaker. ​
Jamie hosts a monthly Google Hangout show to empower and inspire the LGBTQ community.

Tanya MacIntyre

Tanya MacIntyre

Toronto, ON



Tanya is a former broadcast journalist who packed up negative news for positive media.

She founded The Good News Only in 2010 to promote good stories about good people, and developed a Media Fast Plan for people to “Take the diet that really works: a media fast.  See how much your life improves when you don’t watch, read, or listen to news.”

Tanya shares her passion for positive media by conducting seminars and workshops on the science and philosophies of Law of Attraction, and loves working with clients to help them achieve more positive results in life and business.

Dana J. Smithers

Dana_SmithersVancouver, BC



Dana Smithers is a speaker, author, Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Success Coach. She has been using the Law of Attraction since she was 35 years old. Her mission is to educate, inspire and empower women to create successful lives. As a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide Dana is passionate about women finding their purpose and living an empowered life where they make a difference in the world.

She loves coaching and doing workshops for women who want to make some significant changes in either their personal or business life or both! Her clients are typically struggling with their business, looking for a relationship or wanting to have a happier, healthier more abundant life.

At age 50 Dana became self-employed and found her new husband in less than 6 months using what she teaches – the Law of Attraction for Women! She has created 3 successful small businesses and in 2008 she started her own home staging school and is recognized as one of Canada’s leading home staging experts.

Entering another decade of her life, Dana knows that it takes courage to make changes in your life and she wants you to know that when you are ready – she is ready!


Penny Peddie

pennyWasaga Beach, Ontario



Penny Peddie is a Self-Empowerment Coach and a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator and Trainer, accredited and mentored by the internationally known Law of Attraction expert Michael J. Losier.

Through her group seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching, she has helped many people shift their way of thinking from a negative mindset to a more healthier, positive one.

Penny has been practicing the Law of Attraction for more than a decade, creating amazing results in her own life. Implementing these fundamental principles continues to be the foundation of her life and career.

It has become her mission to educate others on how to shift their negative thoughts so they stop attracting what they don’t want and begin to deliberately create and attract a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Penny currently lives in beautiful Northern Ontario, Canada.

“Penny for Your Thoughts”


Sarah Tambosso

buddha-sarahVancouver, BC


Sarah is a happy, healthy, vibrant and inspiring trainer who teaches practical, easy-to-follow tools for immediate understanding and integration into your daily lifestyle. After many trials and errors, including losing her job, her partner and a handful of car accidents, Sarah finally gained much clarity through contrast. Her passion and commitment to healing herself and through her knowledge of the Law of Attraction led her to discover her purpose which is “helping people wake up to the reality of their greatness” She believes her client’s success is her success. Sarah is a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator and a Certified Psychic Intuitive Consultant. She is an advanced Angel & Tarot card reader and uses her clairvoyant abilities to gain insight into people’s vibrations. Her intention is to take a look at where you are and ideally move you more in the direction of where you would like to go. She focuses on positive, practical steps in growth, learning and healing. Sarah has learned from many great teachers including Michael Losier, and Louise Hay. She is inspired and excited to share her messages with individuals and groups in the Sea to Sky corridor and beyond. Sarah is a great example of manifesting her desired life. She is a recently engaged, Mother, and business owner who is in the process of writing her first book. She looks forward to speaking and sharing her kind words and wise advice in her workshops, one-on-one sessions and in her books. Through her business called “Leash On Life Coaching and Consulting she is able to affect change by using her natural energy-healing abilities. Sarah loves people; dogs, food and the environment. If you’re looking for healthy changes and solutions to making your life better, balanced and fulfilled, Sarah is your How to Gal!


Anna Varriano

annavarrianoOttawa, On



In addition to being a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, Anna earned a Bachelor of Science degree (concentrated in Biology) with Honours, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Ottawa. She has always had a keen interest in complementary health practices and her drive to become a practitioner in this area was put into action after experiencing significant results with her own health as well as that of her two daughters.

Anna conducted her studies in complementary health through the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Upledger Institute, gaining a Natural Health Counsellor (NHC) diploma and the designation of Registered Nutritional Therapist (RNT).

Anna is a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP) a professional organization whose goal is to create public awareness, and regulate the standards of education, of natural nutritional practitioners. Anna is also a member of the Weston A Price Foundation, dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism.

Anna offers one-on-one consultations from her east and west end offices and is also available for group presentations.


Elaine MacDonald

elaineVictoria, BC



We all deserve to be happy and peaceful inside, and more successful in the world,” Elaine says, “and while many people have begun to consciously use the Law of Attraction to transform their lives, there is always more to learn.”

Elaine specializes in teaching the “third step” of using the Law of Attraction deliberately: The Art of Allowing. “This is where the rubber hits the road,” she says. “Once we know what we would like, it becomes necessary to practice the fine art of allowing what we’d like to manifest in our lives.”

Through her workshops, coaching, newsletters, and conference calls, Elaine helps people find the Allowing Tools that work best for them. “With the right tools, and the willingness to practice, we can use this art to create Masterpiece Lives — lives filled with the joy, peace and success which we all deserve.”

Elaine lives in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. She is married, with two young-adult children. As well as her passion for sharing what she’s learned about the Art of Allowing, Elaine also enjoys being a homemaker, gardener, health and abundance consultant, and writer. Contact Elaine today for personal assistance in mastering the Art of Allowing.


Darrell Pacini




For 23 years, Darrell Pacini has been coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs on 6 continents to build their business and balance their lives.

In addition to business coaching, Darrell is a registered clinical counselor with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology.

In his private clinical practice, he specializes in treating individuals who are dealing with addiction, those with loss and grief issues, and clients looking for spiritual guidance.

Darrell works from a holistic perspective and uses a variety of clinical techniques that include cognitive restructuring, CT, and Somatic Experiencing.

As a corporate trainer and business seminar facilitator, Darrell develops teaching modules for a variety of professional organizations. He is a compelling group leader who speaks regularly to groups on a variety of topics, including: principles of effective communication, counselling skills, and strategies for living with addictions, loss, grief or trauma. With candor and wisdom, Darrell also writes program development and evaluation materials for local and international self development companies.


Priya Ali

priya_aliBurlington, Ontario



Priya Ali is a life coach, business consultant, radio host and author. Using her intuitive abilities she also offers energy and crystal healing treatments as well as intuitive readings. Prior to coaching, Priya a mother of 4 has used her entrepreneurial skills to build and develop a number of child focused businesses including A Royal Tea Party and Earth Kids Yoga. She then moved on to an exciting career as an Executive Concierge for an exclusive concierge service catering to the needs of its elite users.

Priya has had a successful coaching and consulting practice since 2007. She is certified as a Law of Attraction Coach and Certified as a Law of Attraction Facilitator by the internationally known Law of Attraction expert and bestselling author Michael Losier. Priya was born with natural intuitive abilities and developed her talents through training in Hawaii with world renowned metaphysician Doreen Virtue.

She is trained in various forms of energy healing, crystal healing and reflexology. In an effort to fully ignite a mind, body, spirit connection for her clients, Priya recently became a master coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (Neuro) and language (Linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour (Programming).


John Eitel

40_john-eitelToronto, Ontario


John Eitel and Associates headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, is an innovative management consulting firm. The firm specializes in personal and business coaching via the 21st century concept of Unlocking the Human potential based on the universal Law of Attraction- a methodology that allows you to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in your personal and professional life. In essence, this proven approach seeks to expand the human capacity by providing a gateway to applied knowledge that helps to unlock the potential of the individual, the family, the non-profit or the corporation. This information comes by way of seminars, symposia, lectures, workshops, conferences, multimedia presentations and consultations. John Eitel leads a team that offers an experienced analytical and globally savvy universal approach. . Their combined global business experiences span the world of finance, insurance, real estate, transportation, telecommunication and offshore services.

John also does presentations in Vancouver, BC, Kingston, Jamaica


Lani Bortolotti

lanni_homeOttawa, On



As a certified Career and Life Coach, Facilitator, Human Behavior Specialist and an enthusiastic, energetic and engaging professional Teacher, I guide, facilitate and support unique experiences for my clients based on a process that includes self-discovery and education. Clients learn how to clearly differentiate their career strengths and potential and how to develop, enhance or transition their career and life. Personal and practical in my approach, I have an innate ability to creating win-win solutions for my clients.

I value assisting my clients in discovering what is really important and desire to make a positive contribution to society. I utilize a variety of career coaching tools and techniques that are delivered to clients either in a private or group setting. My vast knowledge of career development theories and practices allows me to design and deliver authentic programs that are progressive and holistic in nature.


Gary John

garyvancouverFt. McMurray, Alberta



Gary John had been a Holistic practitioner, Massage therapist, Life coach and personal growth workshop facilitator since 1992. He has now added a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator to his modalities.

Gary’s credo is to help enable the individual to unlock the powerful knowledge and wisdom that everyone of us has inside of them.

After a 23 years career in the Oil industry, during which time he lived in six countries, Gary had found his true path of being of assistance for others to help themselves on their life journey.

“Happy are those who dream, dreams, and are willing to pay the price to see them come true. “

Leon J. Suenes


Beverly Boston

10_beverlybostoncroppedLangley, BC, Canada


Beverly helps woman think bigger, play bigger, make more money and have a renewed excitement for life. Finally, break through the barriers and have a high six-seven figure income and beyond. She teaches women around the world how to use a transformation formula using the Law of Attraction and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that works like magic!

Through her Law of Attraction courses, VIP coaching programs, and products, Beverly show her students how to experience peace, joy, prosperity and freedom from the inside out and create change that lasts.

Beverly works with dynamic Solo-preneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, and others who have a message of real substance, a direction & a sense of purpose that inspires them in their services or work. She wants to help build your muscles for “BIGNESS!”

A message that comes from your heart and soul, and has your personal imprint of greatness. Your great at what you do, an expert , are the worlds best kept secret and now you want to come out of hiding. Beverly is the “Know Thyself” specialist with heart and wants you to come out of hiding and SHINE!


Zaheen Nanji

22_zaheenWetaskiwin, Alberta



Zaheen Nanji lives in Wetaskiwin, Alberta and is also an NLP Practitioner. Zaheen came to Canada from Kenya, East Africa at the age of 15, without her parents. Like most people, she wanted the tools and strategies to help her attract what she wanted and Michael Losier’s workwas the answer to her prayers. She has now dedicated her life to help people get on the road to success.



Ron Waterfield

26_ronpicture1Edmonton, Alberta



In the area of human potential, no one is better known and more respected than Ron Waterfield. For more than 20 years, Ron has focused on helping organizations and people from all walks of life, reshape their vision of what is possible. His powerful messages of possibility, opportunity, and action have helped create startling and powerful changes in thousands of individuals worldwide. After you’ve heard Ron speak once, you will agree that every day can be an “A Terrific Day!”



Nasrin Ebadypour

8_nasrin-croppedToronto, ON, Canada



Nasrin is a vibrant and inspiring trainer who teaches practical, easy-to-follow tools that can be integrated immediately into daily life. Her passion and knowledge for her subject matter easily transfers to her clients, inspiring and motivating them to achieve their individual or corporate goals and desires. A counselor, EFT expert and certified Law of Attraction facilitator, Nasrin brings 20 years of wisdom to her thriving practice. Presently, she is in the process of completing a new book in addition to conducting training seminars in Canada, US and internationally.


Maria Sowden-Weingarden

Ottawa, ON, Canada



Maria Sowden-Weingarden is a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, a Certified Coach with the Professional School of Psychology, an NLP Practitioner, a Professional Health Coach and a Reiki Master.

Maria is devoted to empowering people to reach their true potential. Whether it be leading professional development or personal empowerment workshops, leading her transformative women’s retreats and groups, coaching business owners and leaders to leverage and expand their strengths and leadership skills, Maria’s infectious enthusiasm, drive and laser-like focus brings out the best in those she teaches and coaches.

A key component of Maria’s coaching practice is supporting women through the inevitable life transitions such as loss of a loved one, separation or divorce, retirement, empty nest, shifting roles, or career transition.

To remain balanced and centered Maria practices yoga, Qigong, meditation, enjoys nature walks, and regularly attends personal empowerment workshops and spiritual retreats in locations throughout Canada and the U.S.



Lynne Potter Lord

24_lynne-potter-lordVancouver, British Columbia


Lynne Potter Lord comes from a background in Human Ecology – the study of how humans interact with all their environments, with a focus on human health and wellness. Lynne works individually, in group settings, coaching, counselling and speaking on the Law of Attraction in workshops. Lynne holds free discussion groups in the Law of Attraction. Join her group on Vancouver’s west side!



Karen Stocker

7_karenSt. Catherines, Ontario, Canada



Karen has a unique talent for motivating individuals to make positive choices.

Discovering how much the Law of Attraction has worked in her own life, she has become inspired to get the message out there to as many people as possible.


Judy Whitelock

23_judy-wBraeside, Ontario



Formerly a high school teacher and currently a business trainer, Judy has 37 years of experience helping people learn easily. She has been studying Law of Attraction for 12 of those years and was delighted to “attract”’ Michael Losier’s How-To techniques to her life. According to her students, Judy’s seminars are fun and upbeat with lots of energy and laughter while still easy to understand and learn with thoughtful analogies and interactive participation. Her health and nutrition background enables her to teach Law of Attraction’s impact on the relationship of happiness to health. She has developed a very powerful Law of Attraction based Focused Networking program that makes an effective lead-in to the seminar and a “magnet” to attract more attendees. Judy’s flexible lifestyle allows her to travel to teach Law of Attraction seminars and she especially likes to do Joint Ventures and Fundraisers for business groups and non-profit organizations.


Conrad Toner

28_conrad-tonerGrand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada



Conrad Toner is leading an extraordinary life. Raised on a family farm, he has for 30 years been a successful farmer in New Brunswick Canada. He went on to travel the world as a global social justice participant in the area of farm related programs living, working and learning alongside leaders in Bhutan, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and several South American Countries. Conrad is a graduate of the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program and the Canadian Agriculture Leadership for Life Program. Conrad holds level three in Reiki and level 3 in Qigong, traditional healing methods that reduces stress. In 2003 he graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in Interdisciplinary Leadership Philosophy. As a Life Coach and Business Consultant he is certified by the esteemed coaching organization “6 Advisors Academy”. In June of 2008 he was certified as a Law of Attraction Facilitator & Trainer by Michael J Losier. Conrad believes that the Law of Attraction to be a very powerful tool in helping his clients move forward with their lives and business and a firm believer that “Success is a conscious choice”.


Marlene Keys

marlenekeysOttawa, ON



Marlene is a Registered Dietitian, with a Masters in Business Administration who has spent the majority of her career in the pharmaceutical industry in senior sales and marketing capacities. Marlene has experience in both large group business presentations (100+) and smaller intimate group discussions (20+), bringing the Law of Attraction to both adults and recently children (aged 8 – 14 years). Marlene is passionate about the Law of Attraction, and is an excellent public speaker/trainer.


Anthony Hamilton

anthonyhamiltonVictoria, BC



He is a professor of communication at Capilano University in North Vancouver, Canada and the aurthor of “Mind, Time and Power!”–a book describing the results of his thirty years of research into the connection between our thoughts and our feelings and what we create in our lives.

Anthony describes the “Mind Time Connection” as a new model of consciousness based on quantum physics–which says we have access to a whole range of possible realities, some in our past, some in our present and some in our future.

Anthony’s research has identified a part of the mind which can travel to the past and change negative past experiences into positive ones and can travel to the future to sample a wide spectrum of possible future realities. This allows the “Law of Attraction” to draw them to us.

This empowers us to transform our lives in the present by healing past wounds and also to connect with our optimal future–so we can step into it–experiencing it as a physical reality in the here and now.


Matt Belair

35_matt-belairWestern Canada & Australia



Matt Belair is a “Spiritual Law of Attraction” trainer who helps people understand and apply the Law of Attraction to their personal and business lives. Matt’s own drive for self awareness and understanding has led him to attend numerous seminars and read countless books on positive living, the psychology of success, and achieving inner peace. While attending a seminar in Whistler, Canada Matt met Michael Losier the Author of Law of Attraction and has been mentored for the past 3 years to teach this powerful knowledge to others, while applying his own unique spiritual twist.

Matt has used this knowledge in his own life to start a successful business, achieve high-level success in sport and martial arts, and has held seminars across Western Canada and Australia, sharing his passion for fulfillment and self-awareness to others.

Matt’s coaching and seminars will compel you to dive deep within to reveal your true desires, understand your purpose, and help you live a life of peace, fulfillment and abundance.

Matt can be booked for locations in B.C. Lower Mainland & Australia.


Lauren MacLauclan

32_laurenCourtenay, BC



Lauren is an entertaining and captivating trainer who is well known for her sense of humor, warmth and authenticity. She connects instantly with both seminar audiences and coaching clients, transferring content effortlessly with a practical approach that inspires. A former RN who designed and presented her own seminars on the purpose driven life, she is now thrilled to be able to focus specifically on the Law of Attraction. Her new book should be published by the fall of 2010.


Elizabeth Pulker

9_elizabethKanata, ON, Canada


Life is a game and Elizabeth wants you to learn how to win. She has been a teacher all her life and now delivers Law of Attraction Seminars. In these seminars she teaches and we learn she explains and we understand she inspires and we are moved. She is the founder of “Happiness Haven” a personal development centre on the shores of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County.



Kelowna, BC



Kenn Dixon has dedicated his life to people. He is a personal fitness trainer, a career coach and an inspirational speaker as well as a Certified Facilitator of Law of Attraction. He conducts seminars with corporations, small business and the general public about the Law of Attraction. He also provides one on one coaching sessions for individuals looking to improve their life.

Kenn’s goal is to inspire those who want to learn how to live and enjoy life to it’s fullest. After learning about and applying the principles of the Law of Attraction, Kenn experienced his life change, his income doubled and his relationships improved.

As a Result of his experience, Kenn became a Certified Facilitator to teach others and share the tools and strategies to help people achieve their dream business, relationships and any other area of life.


William Oliver

15_williamVictoria, BC


Email: William.oliver@golfattractors

William specializes in training athletes, young adults, and business leaders on how to use the Law of Attraction and the Science of Achievement in their daily lives to create the success they most desire. He’s spoken to groups of over 500 people, he’s conducted 3 hour workshops, and he’s been trained by the very best in the industry.