John Eitel

40_john-eitelKingston Jamaica, Caricom Region


John Eitel and Associates

John Eitel and Associates headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, is an innovative management consulting firm. The firm specializes in personal and business coaching via the 21st century concept of Unlocking the Human potential based on the universal Law of Attraction- a methodology that allows you to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in your personal and professional life. In essence, this proven approach seeks to expand the human capacity by providing a gateway to applied knowledge that helps to unlock the potential of the individual, the family, the non-profit or the corporation. This information comes by way of seminars, symposia, lectures, workshops, conferences, multimedia presentations and consultations. John Eitel leads a team that offers an experienced analytical and globally savvy universal approach. . Their combined global business experiences span the world of finance, insurance, real estate, transportation, telecommunication and offshore services.