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Sylvia Chan

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Website: http://www.loa-hk.com

Email: sylvia@loa-hk.com

Sylvia Chan is the organizer of the Law of Attraction Meetup Group and the first Chinese-speaking Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator in Hong Kong. She came from a business background with years of experience in sales, marketing, management and finance.

Sylvia has been studying and practicing Law of Attraction for quite a few years and is very passionate about the subject. Her greatest joy is to help others to transform beyond their current situations and deliberately attract more of what they want in their lives. Through interactive trainings, seminars, workshops and 1-on-1 coaching, she has been helping people to get clear on their goals and desires, and to derive steps that can help them achieve their dreams.

Sylvia is available to companies, clubs, and organizations to speak on the subject of Deliberate Law of Attraction in Hong Kong, Macau, Greater China and Southeast Asia areas. Email Sylvia (Sylvia@loa-hk.com) today to discuss your training or coaching needs. Public seminars and tele-classes schedules are on www.loa-hk.com. All trainings, seminars and coaching can be conducted in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.


Julie Chiu

julie_chiuHong Kong

Website: http://www.loa-hk.com

Email: julie@loa-hk.com

Julie Chiu, RN, MS, CHC, IC® is a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, empowerment coach, registered nurse, and entrepreneur. She is also Hong Kong’s first and currently only medically trained certified health coach, Intrinsic Coach®, and Intuitive Eating Pro® (weight management) Counselor.

Through private coaching, corporate seminars and group workshops Julie trains and guides clients on how to achieve personal success and freedom in their health, relationships, finances, and career by becoming deliberate attractors. Julie, the “How To” Lady, has a love of learning in the area of personal and professional development and has been in the “helping” profession for the past 12+ years. She is passionate in serving her clients on “how to” deliberately unlock, unfold, and achieve the optimal lifestyle they are wanting.

For a free one-on-one introductory phone/Skype consultation email her for an appointment (limited time only). She also presents Law of Attraction, Weight Management, and Health Coaching seminars and workshops in Hong Kong and tele-seminars internationally. Contact her NOW for a COMPLIMENTARY session today.