Davide Termini

davidetGenova, Italy



Italy’s only Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, Davide Termini has been introducing and teaching the subject to others, in his native language, Italian. He speaks fluent English and Italian and has clients in both languages.

Using telephone and Skype technology, Davide has been coaching clients in Italy, a new concept that his clients have embraced.

Since his certification, Davide has created a 21-day Abundance Program using Law of Attraction (recorded in Italian). Davide’s other talents include professionally ‘dubbing’ videos, meaning, he takes English speaking videos an makes them into Italian speaking videos using his voice. He initially, dubbed Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction English speaking videos on into Italian and created massive exposure to Michael’s Law of Attraction book and caught the attention of the Italian publisher.

Davide has also travelled to London UK and assisted Michael Losier at his 2011 Certified Law of Attraction program.

Davide is quickly becoming known as the how-to Italian Law of Attraction trainer and has also incorporated EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) into his coaching sessions, giving his clients very success results.