Birgit Semundseth

12_birgitFacilitates seminars throughout Norway In both English and Norwegian,



Birgit Semundseth has taughtt many thousands of people all over Norway how to deliberately use the LOA! Her course known as “Thought-Training” has even been made into a DVD,!

She teaches LOA to corporations and those in the private sector. Birgit is the founder of the world’s first online Vision Board – and her company has users in 34 countries all over the world! Birgit facilitates her training programs in Norwegian and English!


Renate Hegerland



Renate Hegerland has dedicated her life into people. She is a life coach, a healer and a Certified Facilitator of Law of Attraction. Renate is an entertaining, humoristic, honest and captivating trainer who is well known for her ability to talk to all kinds of people she gives you a practical strategy in “how to” help you to get motivate into change so you can get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Renate Hegerland is traveling all over Norway teaching companies, organizations, groups and people how to deliberately use Law of Attraction.