Meenakshi Sarup



Meenakshi is an MBA with 12 years of corporate experience in Human Resources, Skill Development and Training and Quality Systems. She has gained this experience in 2 of the largest MNCs in the world today – Oracle Corporation and the TATA Group. Training and the development of people‟s potential has always been a area that she has been interested in and in the last few years she been actively involved in this area both as an internal trainer as well as Manager of the Training and Skill Development function.

In her search for an even more fulfilled life, for herself and for others, Meenakshi was introduced to Michael’s book Law of Attraction. After practicing the concepts for many months and seeing some fabulous results, Meenakshi decided to get Certified by Michael Losier himself so that she could teach Law of Attraction to many more people. She is also Master Practitioner in NLP (Australasian Institute of NLP).

In August 2011, Roshini Ganesan and Meenakshi co-founded the Law of Attraction Center Singapore which the twin objectives of spreading the word of the Law of Attraction and providing a support network for individuals practicing these principles in Singapore. They now have the reputation of being the “How To‟ girls of Law of Attraction in Singapore and organize public and corporate training seminars, group and individual coaching as well as a meetup group on LOA that meets every month.

Meenakshi lives and works in multi-cultural and wonderful Singapore, with her husband and 2 kids – 3 and 5 years old.


Roshini Ganesan



Roshini has been in the corporate training business for over 10 years, trained in over 10 countries, and participants ranging from interns to senior managers, senior lecturers to associate professors and always with a passion to help people live more fulfilled lives.

Her prior corporate experiences include roles as Press Officer, Marketing Communications Executive and General Manager of a family practice.

With the Law of Attraction she is now using and teaching classes on Michael Losier’s 3-step process so her participants can attract.

  • Better relationships (clients, colleagues, family)
  • Confidence & Clarity (Focus)
  • More Ideal Clients
  • Increased Sales

And whatever needed for better business(es), relationships, well being and finances – personally and professionally.

In addition to being a certified facilitator in Law of Attraction (Michael J Losier), Master Practitioner in NLP (Australasian Institute of NLP), certified trainer in EQ (6 Seconds), accredited trainer in Think On Your Feet® (Ken Everett International), she has also been instructed in the group facilitation process of Open Space Technology.

Roshini brings to her classes energy and enthusiasm and attendees often comment on how engaging and effective her sessions are.

Having lived and studied in the United Kingdom ((Undergraduate Degree) and United States (MBA), Roshini, currently resides in the vibrant city of Singapore with her husband and 5-year old son, who is a presenter-in–the-making, and future rock star. Much to her delight!