Bruce Gordon



Bruce Gordon is a multi-facetted trainer with both a corporate and personal development background. Living, working and traveling in over 40 countries, Bruce has studies with the top names in fields ranging from International Business Development to Advancing Human Potential. He presents information in a straight forward, lighthearted manner enabling people to really get it. Bruce is a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy, as well as a Certified Trainer in AIL Stress Management, EFT, Transformational Thinking and the Law of Attraction.

“When I first met Michael Losier 3 years ago I was amazed at his gift for understanding, simplifying, and teaching what I feel to be the most important principle on the planet – The Law of Attraction. Witnessing first-hand the incredible changes people experience by learning and applying Michael’s clearly defined 3-step formula kindled a passion in me to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible by becoming one of his Certified Law of Attraction Facilitators.”

I can only imagine all the compliments and high vibes you get, and I’ll like to add mine. Of all the seminars and teachers I’ve ever had around the world; Michael. your authenticity, brilliance and congruence combined your incredible support and warmth make you unparalleled star in the self-development field .

Skype- brucegordon11

Mobile – 66800536360