United Kingdom

Deb Swann

Suffolk, UK

Email:  debjswannloa@gmail.com

For over 12 years Deb has been Life Coaching with family, friends, colleagues and clients. She is also an Internationally Certified Law of Attraction Coach and most recently has trained as a Law of Attraction Facilitator, Trainer and speaker with the Internationally acclaimed Law of Attraction expert Michael J Losier.

Deb is passionate about informing, enabling and inspiring her clients to new levels of prosperity in their personal and business lives.

Through her Meet-up group, seminars, workshops, presentations and Skype coaching, Deb is helping many people to understand how they may get unwanted results and then training them to use the 3 step formula to deliberately and consistently achieve their desired goals or results.

Deb has created amazing results in her own life, including personal development leading to a career change and her own Coaching Company as well as ever growing prosperity. Deb is already supporting her clients who have to date attracted money for career & personal development, cars, improved prosperity and other amazing results!

It is Debs mission to reach as many individuals and businesses with her message as possible to enable and inspire them to achieve their ideal results and goals with ease.

Deb lives with her Husband and dog in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, England, UK

Sally Atkins

sally-atkinsLondon, UK

Email: sally@thenailacademy.com

“Sally is a teacher, mentor and coach. An entrepreneur who has been in business since the age of 13 when she started her own market stall. 25 years later she owned a multi million pound business and lost it all almost overnight. This caused a time of deep reflection and discovery, 6 months later she discovered The Law of Attraction and applied the principles to her life and businesses, within a year she was back earning a 6 figure income and teaching women entrepreneurs the techniques and principles she had learnt.

In 2011 Sally gained the prestigious Law of Attraction Facilitator Certificate under the guidance and mentorship of The Sercet to the Law of Attraction author Micheal Losier.

She has been featured on television and in magazines, she hosts her own radio show and is launching her own online TV show soon.


Liz Green

liz_greenCalder Grove, UK

Website: http://liz-green.com/one-to-one-coaching-with-liz/

Email: liz@liz-green.com

Liz Lives in Calder Grove just near the beautiful countryside of West Yorkshire in England. Liz has earned a reputation as Liz Green the Law of Attraction Queen Famous for spreading her positive vibes right around the world and back as well as being the “How To Girl” when it comes to the practical application of Law of Attraction, teaching people the tools, tips and techniques so they can apply it to their lives. Liz is a fully certified Law of Attraction Facilitator successfully coaching many people from a wide and varied range of backgrounds around the globe, she oozes positive energy both offline and online shining a light for 1000’s of people to help them create a FABulous life……

Liz has been fully trained by and worked closely with her friend and mentor Mr Michael Losier Author of The Law of Attraction & The Law of Connection


Andrea Basilio

andreaLondon, UK

Website: http://www.andreabasilio.com/

Email: info@andreabasilio.com

Andrea works by taking 100 % responsibility for deleting past errors. She applies a unique problem solving system to achieve balance and peace of mind within one’s self, with others, nature and the Cosmos. She wishes You and Your Family Love and Peace Beyond All Comprehension.


Colin Fisher

collinfisherManchester, UK

Website: http://www.thereallawofattraction.com

Email: highvibes@thereallawofattraction.com

Colin is an inspirational trainer and speaker who’s unique real life approach makes it almost effortless to learn. He has a personal development career stretching back over 20 years and in that time he has studied with some of the top minds in the human potential field. Colin is a certified Law of attraction Facilitator and coach who’s passion is to teach people to become the authors of their own destiny by becoming deliberate attractors.

During his 20 years experience he has developed his own systems for personal growth and change. His soon to be published book titled “Dreams Into Reality”, is an influential series of 12 secret poems created to inspire and lift you.