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Leah Weisman Brunner

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Philadelphia, PA

Website:  www.leahweismancoaching.com

Email:  leahweisman15@gmail.com

Living On Purpose: Balancing Your Purposeful Life & Business through Holistic Coaching, Energy Medicine, & Yoga.

Do you know women, especially entrepreneurs, who live from low esteem, and self-doubt? They have great vision and creativity, yet have difficulty creating a thriving business aligned with their true self and gifts.

What I do is lead women on a journey to discover their true purpose ~ not what they do but who they are that is unique, one of a kind. I also support them in releasing blocks to their power, money & visibility which are common with many women. Once clear, they experience true self-awareness and worth. From that point of reference they are able to create a vibrant personal life and a lucrative business that is aligned with passion and spirit.

I am blessed to have been led on this path since 1987 and it would be an honor to support you on your journey to raise your vibe and say yes to Your Life!

Here are a few of my fav certifications/ tools:

Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator with Michael Losier

Master Reiki Teacher

Full Spectrum Healing & Life Purpose Profiles: Rhys Thomas Institute of

Energy Medicine

Tapping Into Wealth Coaching

Certified Money, Marketing & Soul

Lisa Dion

Lisa Dion (2) Raleigh,  NC



Connecting people to what they want is a motivator for Lisa inside and outside of the workplace. With 20+ years in the software industry, Lisa has always gravitated to start-ups or turn around projects where she can incubate great ideas.

In order to keep growing professionally, Lisa wants to bring her “A” game to work every day. She believes so strongly in the Law of Attraction (attracting to your life whatever you give your attention, energy & focus to, whether positive or negative) and applies this principle to everything she either leads or participates in. She simply chooses positive attention, energy and focus.

With what Lisa teaches, a person can use the tools to bring their best self to work and impact their team in a positive way. A team can impact an organization, and an organization can impact an entire company. By applying the Law of Attraction, creating a destination team, a destination organization and even a destination company is possible!

Teresa Salhi

teresa Phoenix, AZ



Teresa Salhi is owner, certified empowerment coach and law of attraction trainer at Empower The Dream.  She works with women in life transition and struggling with their relationships in business or personal life. Teresa provides  private and group coaching, teleseminars and more all to support others to reach their highest potential with confidence and spiritual evolvement. Women walk away with knowing who they are, what they want, how to connect to their feminine essence, understanding of spiritual laws, better communications, leadership skills and on a new path of purpose, joy and creating a life on what they desire and deserve – nd often in less than 90 days when they implement the steps outlined in the programs.   She has a local and online networking meeting for women too –
Power Of She Business & Lifestyle Networking.

Judy Garey


Osceola, AR


Judy Garey, founder and creator of High Vibe Academy, is a Transformational Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, and Co-Author of the book, Unlock the Power of You. She is also a Certified Human Behavior Specialist through Insights Institute and a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer by Michael Losier.

For 24 years, Judy struggled with panic attacks that, over time, led to her being diagnosed with panic disorder, agoraphobia, PTSD, depression and ultimately… feeling stuck in a life mess.

After committing herself to positive change, she quickly overcame her challenges and totally transformed her life by implementing the exact steps and strategies she now teaches in her seminars, workshops, and private coaching programs.
Judy loves teaching others how to change their vibes, so that they too can change their lives.

To learn more about Judy and the services she provides, visit: www.HighVibeAcademy.com

Max Ryan

max-ryanNew York, NY and Los Angeles, CA

Website: http://www.maxryan.net/index.html

Email: mr@maxryan.net

Max Ryan is an International Coach, Law of Attraction expert & Radio show host who shares many Spiritual & Metaphysical tools and how you can apply them to live in “The Magic of Life.” From the details of The Law of Attraction to A Course in Miracles, Max’s depth of knowledge and ability to make complex concepts, simple and applicable has earned him the reputation of being the spiritual “How To” guy.

Max’s pragmatic, non-traditional approach to coaching and spirituality supports his clients as they uncover their authentic selves and reach the next level in their professional, personal and spiritual lives. For more about Max and everything that he offers, go to: www.MaxRyan.net

He has studied and worked closely with esteemed authors and teachers, including Marianne Williamson, Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Lisa Williams, Michael Losier, Sandy Forster and more.

Some of Max’s credits are:

  • Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator by Michael Losier
  • Hosts the Popular “The Magic of Life” Radio show
  • 28 year student and teacher of A Course in Miracles
  • Award-winning speaker and evaluator with Toastmasters International
  • Certification in Life Coaching from The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy (Founded by prosperity coach and 2008 International Mentor of the Year, Sandy Forster
  • Certified teacher for the powerful “Quest for Mastery” energy work as channeled by Archangel Micheal
  • Certified Reike Practitioner


Chere Bork

chere-red-suitEden Prairie, MN

Website: http://www.cherebork.com

Email: chere@cherebork.com

Chere Bork, RD MS, Certified Executive Wellcoach® and Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator inspires people to energize their lives and their businesses through professional speaking, coaching and media spokesperson work.

Chere is known as the “positive energy wonder worker” and has the reputation for being the “how-to” expert to energize your life and attract more purpose, energy, happiness, health and balance. She has 3 decades of experience helping others discover their purpose, energy and waistlines.

As President and Founder of Savor Your Life Today, a coaching and seminar company, she is passionate about creating healthy lifestyle changes and turns hard-to-learn science into everyday, practical solutions that her audiences can implement the minute they walk out the door. She believes life is not about how much is in our life, but what is in our life.

Her life coaching cookbook, “Five Ingredients for Healthy Living” breaks life down into five easy ingredients – purpose, energy, happiness, health and balance. The recipes are real food for real people who are too busy to cook and want to be healthy. She wants you to remember you have one life to live and can attract anything!


Sandra Longmore

sandra-longmoreWashougal, Washington

Website: http://www.SandraLongmore.com

Email: sandralongmore@sandralongmore.com

Sandra Longmore is a credentialed life coach, trainer of The-Law-Of-Attraction, multi-media artist, teacher, published author, and entrepreneur with vast life experience. Her educational background is extensive and incudes numerous honors and degrees in art, psychology, business, technology, and spirituality.

Sandra is an award winning, acclaimed artist who has gained recognition in many books and articles for her creativity and high ethical work standards.

Sandra lives, laughs, and loves “out of the box”. As a dedicated coach and creative thinker, Sandra brings enthusiasm, energy, and expectancy to her clients, inspiring them to live the best life. Sandra is committed to sharing her vitality with others, guiding them towards remarkable personal evolution.

Sandra lives a spirited life in the Northwest responding to the constant call of the beauty of the world. She is surrounded by the miracles of nature that serve as her inspiration for art, teaching, and fostering strong relationships with her clients.

With kindness, compassion, and the power of her intuition, Sandra supports and encourages her clients to experience new and exciting perspectives and find the spiritual grounding they need to move forward in their lives with positive energy.


Susan Friedman

susan_friedmannLake Placid, NY

Website: http://www.richesinniches.com

Email: susan@richesinniches.com

Susan Friedmann, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), is an internationally recognized niche marketing expert, “how to” coach, and certified Law of Attraction facilitator who inspires small business owners with the confidence, and the information you need, together with specific step-by-step actions to identify your ideal clients, and then deliberately attract them to increase results, grow your dream business, and have fun.

A prolific author, Susan has written twelve books including Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market, (made #1 in hot business books on Amazon.com), Meeting and Event Planning for Dummies, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Target Marketing, plus hundreds of online and print articles.

Many of Susan’s books have been translated into several languages, and her training materials are used worldwide. She has appeared on a variety of radio talk shows and as a guest expert on CNN’s Financial Network and Bloomberg’s Small Business.

One of only 200 women worldwide to hold the National Speakers Association’s highest earned designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, practical, step-by-step coaching, or training experience, or just a guide on the side to help you grow your business out of a slump, to set yourself apart from your competition, and become a BIG fish in a small pond, Susan wants to work with you.


Terry Wildemann

twildemannMiddletown, RI

Website: http://www.HeartCenteredSuccess.com

Email: HeartCenteredSuccess@gmail.com

Terry’s passion is working with entrepreneurs and career professionals to help them create Heart Centered Transformation and Success. As a certified coach, certified law of attraction trainer and business intuitive, she taps into her business background and experience to help them enhance and develop their work and passions so that they can create an outrageously awesome business, career and life!



Peter Stringham

stringhamNewcastle, NH

Website: http://www.peterstringham.com

Email: peter@peterstringham.com

Peter has been teaching the Law of Attraction since 1995. He became a certified Law of Attraction facilitator in 2009. He regularly speaks to companies, organizations and churches about the Law of Attraction and Goal Achievement. He also regularly runs seminars in Mexico. He works with coaching clients to help them become clear as to exactly what they want in their lives and in their business. He then gives the information, tools and support required to achieve desired results. Peter also facilitates support groups for entrepreneurs in New England and New York.

He lives with his wife and Prosperity Teacher Carol on the island community of New Castle on the New Hampshire seacoast where they teach, coach and live the life of their dreams.


Jim Alvino

jimalvinoportrait1resized2Huntington Beach, CA

Website: http://www.monetizeyourniche.com/

Email: jim@monetizeyourniche.com

Jim Alvino is a Business Success Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator and Trainer, accredited and mentored personally by Michael Losier.

Jim earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston College where he was first introduced to the Quantum underpinnings of the Law of Attraction, but it wasn’t until he Met Michael Losier that he gained the direction and guidance for putting LOA principles into daily practice. “As the ‘how-to guy’ Michael showed me the way to separate the wheat from the chaff to get optimal results for myself and others.”

As both a personal success coach and business consultant, Jim has been incorporating Law of Attraction into his workshops, seminars, and training. His partial list of corporate clients includes:

  • The Waterfront Beach Resort (Hilton of Huntington Beach, CA)
  • Alandale Insurance Agency
  • Irvine Public Schools Foundation
  • Business Elite mastermind™

In addition to running his own coaching company, Monetize Your Niche®, Inc., Jim is one of the select business coaches for Top One Coaching, a division of the JT Foxx Organization.

“I am proud to be one of Michael Losier’s Certified LOA Facilitators and Trainers and to assist Michael in any way I can to teach others how to attract and create a better life for themselves.”


Ellie Walsh

ellie150_171Capital District, New York

Website: http://LivingTheLawOfAttraction.com

Email: ellie@livingthelawofattraction.com

Ellie Walsh is a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker, NLP Practitioner, and Certified in Hypnosis

Her mantra – “There are No Mistakes….. Only Discoveries!”™ Is the starting point to help others free themselves of past judgment and go on to create new stories in their lives.

She has helped hundreds find their own answers and align with their true selves with her program “You Can Create the Life You Desire” and through her writings, teleclasses, workshops, seminars and personal coaching.

Ellie’s passion and expertise is empowering others by guiding them to align with their own inner voice and guidance system. Guiding them out of the fog of auto-pilot and into the awareness of their own unique, power-filled, answers.

Her dynamic and humorous approach enables people to lighten up and look in the mirror. And her intuitive capabilities allow her to reach within the hearts of her audiences and clients.

In Ellie’s words – “You are a Blessed, Magnificent Being… You have your own answers… I will guide you to your unique power-filled place … where you can align with what is True for You. Yes… You can indeed Create the Life You Desire! You were born to do that.”


Debra Crossman

debra-crossmanSyracuse, New York

Website: http://www.DebraCrossman.com

Email: DebbieC1953@hotmail.com

Debbie is the first, and thus far, only Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator in New York State, accredited by Michael Losier personally. She is also a Psychic Medium, Certified Hypnotist, and the Host of her own talk show on VoiceAmerica.com, called “Creating the Life You Desire!” which incorporates the principles of the Law of Attraction, as well as offering free readings to live callers to the show.

She has had her private practice in Syracuse, NY for over 25 years, utilizing all her talents as a Medium, hypnotist, teacher, coach and trainer to help her clients improve their lives in whatever way they need. She is well known and loved in the area as the “Resident Psychic” on the Ted & Amy Show on 93Q, and is highly sought after as a lecturer and entertainer at psychic fairs, events, expos, libraries, colleges, and private venues. She is particularly in demand for “An Evening With the Other Side”, which is an opportunity for groups to receive messages from their departed loved ones.

Her abiding interest in the Law of Attraction, which began in the 1970’s and continues to be the foundation of her life and career, naturally comes forth in readings, lectures, coaching sessions and even casual conversation. Her own life experiences are a testament to the fact that she “walks the talk”, and she is ever available to give this inspirational instruction to those she meets. Contact Debbie through her website or at 315-247-9088 for sessions in person, via phone or Skype, or live chat.


Chris Lee

chris_leeBelleville, Michigan, USA

Email: leemarketinggroup@yahoo.com

Chris has a passion for helping people to identify and successfully manage the self-imposed limitations that hold us back from pursuing and achieving our dreams, goals and ambitions.

As a five year student of the world renowned Law of Attraction author Michael Losier, Chris is Michigan’s only Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, one of only 12 in the United States and 42 certified facilitators worldwide.

Chris Lee combines Law of Attraction and the philosophy of energy medicine to offer a very unique and powerful experience for those that attend his workshop and coaching sessions. Chris is pursuing a degree in naturopathy and has several years of experience as a wholistic health practitioner.


Joyce Hyam

joyce1California, USA

Website: http://www.lawofattractiontrainers.com

Email: Joyce@joycehyam.com

As one of a select few Certified Facilitators and Trainers worldwide, Joyce is continuing to teach the “How To” tools for creating success using Law of Attraction for both businesses and private clients.

Joyce has been a registered nurse for more than 32 years and a successful business owner. Through personal experience she found that using the “how to” techniques to learn how to attract more of what she wanted in her life helped her create more positive experiences, better results, and greater happiness in her relationships and in her business.

What makes Joyce such an effective trainer?

How she applies her knowledge of Law of Attraction. She uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and accelerated learning techniques, which means she truly trains you on what it takes to create lasting changes.


Linda Brett-Kell

linda_brett_kellClermont, Florida

Website: http://attractdeliberately.com/

Email: lbrettkell@gmail.com
Linda Brett-Kell has been a Law of Attraction facilitator for 6 years. She has worked with individuals as well as the corporate world using the principles of Law of Attraction. She is also a Certified Neuro-linquist practitioner and a Certified EFT trainer.  She resides with her husband Bruce in Clermont, Florida.  Using the principles she learned from Michael Losier she was able to achieve financial freedom in January 2009.  She is available for one on one coaching by Skype or phone if outside her area.  She continues to work with businesses particularly Real Estate Companies to assist them in understanding how using the principles of Law of Attraction can improve their business.



Anita Wheeler

anita_wheelerAtlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA

Website: http://www.anitagwheeler.com/

Email: anita@anitagwheeler.com

Anita is an author, international speaker and a Certified Facilitator of the Law of Attraction. She is the author of “The Law of Attraction is NOT a Secret” and creator of The Millionaire Mindset Success Strategy Blueprint program. Anita teaches and empowers women entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in building six and seven figure incomes by creating on-line businesses using coaching, speaking and information products. She resides on a farm and loves gardening, reading and travel.


Susan Reich

33_susan-reichChicago, Illinois area and nationally

Website: http://www.thelawofattractionseminars.com/

Email: law.of.attraction@sbcglobal.net

Susan Reich is an expert in facilitating “Deliberate Law of Attraction Seminars,” a renowned training presentation devoted to helping individuals and organizations achieve greatness.

For more then three decades, Susan has applied and studied the correlation between managing positive forces and bottom line results through attention, energy, and focus as it relates to the Universal Law of Attraction.

As a student of Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction Certified Facilitator, she was accredited by Michael himself.

Many have conquered their inner power through Susan’s high-content training seminars, classes, and tele-classes by delivering the message that every individual has the ability to deliberately create positive results and overcome perceived negative challenges.

Susan is available for private companies, clubs, and organizations to speak on the subject of Deliberate Law of Attraction both locally in the Chicago, Illinois area and nationally. Public seminars and tele-classes scheduled through her website.


Danielle Medrano

29_dani_photoPhoenix AZ

Email: danielle@certifiedloatrainer.com

Danielle Medrano is a certified trainer and practitioner of the Law of Attraction (LOA). Certified by renowned LOA expert and author, Michael Losier, Danielle’s expertise and passion is sharing practical strategies and tools for applying the principles of LOA to attract the life that you want. An energetic and charismatic presenter, Danielle illustrates the Law of Attraction at work in our lives through relatable experiences and personal manifestations such as her perfect career and loving husband. Her interactive trainings are focused on using LOA deliberately to create your ideal personal and professional life. Her devotion to sharing the gift of Law of Attraction has garnered excitement and enthusiasm from participants: “I received tools to effectively name my desire and create what I do want in my life. You did a wonderfully professional job of presenting Danielle! Michael [Losier] would be proud!” Danielle invites you to share in the gift of Law of Attraction to attract the opportunities that you desire.


Jodi Santangelo

dark-backgroundjodiHouston, TX

Website: http://www.JodiSantangelo.com

Email: jodi@jodisantangelo.com

Tired of what’s showing up in your life? Want to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want? More joy? Better health? More business? Jodi thrives on helping people live the life they want and have always dreamed of. After getting laid off, losing a close relationship, and suffering from a serious health condition, Jodi was forced to make a change. She turned to the Law of Attraction and found her answer. Today she lives with passion and purpose as a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Coach, passing on the specific tools you need to put the Law of Attraction in Action in Your Life!



Thomas Wakefield

31_tom-for-loaMinnesota and neighboring states

Website: http://www.theobjectiveishappiness.com/Law_of_Attraction.html

Email: tjwake@earthlink.net

Thomas Wakefield is an original NLP trainer, a very entertaining speaker, and certified law of attraction facilitator, certified by the man who wrote the book on law of attraction, The Law of Attraction, Michael Losier.

“The lesson we know as law of attraction has been around since 3,000 BC in Hermes Emerald Tablet, the Old and New Testaments, was coined as a term in 1912, and is the simplest way to successfully manage and enhance any aspect of life. My gift is in making this instruction simple, understandable and easy to apply.” TW

Tom graduated from Brown Institute of Broadcasting in 1971, began his broadcast career in television and moved into radio as a morning man. After major market radio, theater, motion picture experience, and more television were added to the resume, a firewalk in 1979 changed Tom’s career path to human potential and communication consulting. Hobbies include aviation and oceans. Tom is a pilot with several ratings in aircraft. He is also an ASA sailboat instructor, specializing in cruising catamarans. Tom is now an author, speaker, consultant, life coach, and does training in communication and personal success. motto: Live in Awe!


Nancy Elyze Brier

13_nancyWestport, CT

Email: nancyelyze@optonline.net

Nancy Elyze Brier is an actress and a singer who eats, sleeps and breathes the Law Of Attraction. She is passionate about teaching you an easy-to-use 3 Step Success Formula to create the Life of Your Dreams. Nancy is delighted to teach you the life changing methods her students have used to attract their cherished wishes and she’ll travel the world to give you the everyday, practical techniques of the Law Of Attraction.


Cynthia Manner

37_cynthia-w- 100Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA,

Website: http://www.YouCanDreamIt.com

Email: Cynthia@CynthiaManner.com

Cynthia Manner is an enthusiastic, inspiring, Certified Licensed Law of Attraction International facilitator, trainer, motivational speaker and coach. She offers basic applications to inspire and transform lives.

Cynthia continues traveling around the world taking this criterion to the local, national, and worldwide stage.