Michael Losier Group Coaching Series

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Master the Skills of Law of Attraction
with Michael's Personal Attention

You may be new to Law of Attraction, or a long-time student applying it to your life and you may be feeling and thinking is it time for your next step -- working one-on-one with Michael.

Work with Michael for 8 weeks -- just you and him, and you will get things done FAST with his support and your Law of Attraction tools at work.


Law of Attraction Facilitators!

Work one-on-one with me to take your Law of Attraction business to the next level and beyond. You have seen me grow my business, we can strategize and tailor plan just for you.


Authors, Trainers, Coaches.

Build your business with a YouTube online presence specifically using Google Hangouts. Work one-on-one with me. I have 1.5 million views on my YouTube Channel and 140K views on my Hang Out With Michael Show and have converted my in-person seminar business to holding my training using Google Hangouts (price point $197 to $1,997.)



Writing a book but it not moving fast enough? Want to create a book or products and don’t know where to get started? Work one-on-one with me. I have sold 1.8 million copies of Law of Attraction and over 500,000 of Law of Connection. I’m currently writing my 3rd self-help book, Fulfillment Needs.


Hangout Host.

Are you Hangout Host and ready for next step – monetize your show? Work one-on-one with me and I will help you strategize, create and launch your revenue-generating Hangout programs (4-part series, group coaching, many other options).



You likely have content that could be converted in products or courses? Work one-on-one with me and I will help you put your plan together, keep you on track, and make your ideas bigger than you thought. I have multiple sources of income on many info-products, such as: Hangouts, Teleclasses Recorded, CD’s, DVD’s, Books and seminars.

Two-month commitment.
1.5 hours a week.
Group of 4 members only.

Sessions are held in groups of 4 ONLY, using Google Hangouts. Each week’s session is privately recorded and then stored in your Google Community for 24/7 access. In addition to each week’s session, you will stay connected with Michael and your other team members while in the community.

During the session, you will have 15-minutes of one-on-one coaching with Michael.   Everything you need during that time: ideas, processes, feedback, contacts… whatever it takes for you to take your next steps. 15 minutes of Michael is plenty… You will have the borrowed benefit of hearing Michael coach the other 3 team members.

After each member has had his or her session, Michael then uses a brief and very powerful process on each person (one at a time). This process will identify and REMOVE the ‘stored emotion’ that is slowing, stopping or blocking your success.

Starts Tuesday, November 22nd. Runs 8 weeks:

Yes, please add me to your notification list when registration opens for the Nov 8th series OR if Michael decides to start an additional series on another day.  Below are the timeslots available.

8am PST 11am EST

10am PST 1pm EST

12pm PST 3pm EST

3pm PST (6pm EST)

Reminder: Each session is recorded and stored in your private Google community for replay.