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Are you  ready to REALLY apply Law of Attraction to your personal and/or business life? Have you been practicing Law of Attraction... alone?  Would you like to be part of a community of like-minded people who are following and practicing Law of Attraction, using Michael’s audios, videos, podcasts and training audio programs?

You've come to the right place. Michael has been training and inspiring his students to reach their full potential as deliberate attractors.  Michael’s Law of Attraction Inner Circle Membership will stock your audio and video library each month with the tools, processes, and how-to’s for applying Law of Attraction to your business and personal life.  PLUS, you can access a live call Michael hosts exclusively for Inner Circle Members.

Have pen and paper ready.  Michael’s style of teaching will have you taking notes.

What Training Comes With the
Monthly Inner Circle Membership?

Every 30 days you will receive your email containing the links to the audios, videos and special podcasts.  Each package has a theme.  As you can see below, package #1 is Attracting and Allowing More Business, package #2 on Becoming More Abundant Using Law of Attraction.  In addition to training audio classes, Michael hosts a LIVE Q&A each month for members.  It is a 1-hour conference call that is live and recorded.


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Day 1 / Package 1:

Attract and Allow More Business

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49 Min Audio #1 – Business & Clients
53 Min Audio #2 – Business & Clients
46 Min Audio #3 – Business & Clients
46 Min Audio #4 – Business & Clients

Audio – LIVE Interview (Recorded)
Audio – LIVE Q&A (Recorded)
Audio – Radio Interview – Allowing
Audio – Voice America – Abundance

Plus! as a Bonus… Chat LIVE with Michael on his monthly Q&A teleconference call

Day 30 / Package 2:

Become More Abundant Using Law of Attraction

50 Min Audio #1 – Become Abundant
40 Min Audio #2 – Become Abundant
51 Min Audio #3 – Become Abundant
45 Min Audio #4 – Become Abundant

Audio – LIVE Interview (Recorded)
Audio – LIVE LOA Q&A (Recorded)
Audio – Radio Interview (Recorded)

Plus! as a Bonus… Chat LIVE with Michael on his monthly Q&A teleconference call

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Monthly members are billed $19.97 on the day they sign-up, and $19.97 once every 30 days. These members receive a new package by email with each 30-day auto-payment. Monthly members may change their plan at any time.

Monthly Members $19.97 USD

Join Michael live!

As an Inner Circle Member, each month you're invited to join a

LIVE Members-Only 1-hour conference call with Michael.