Start a Law of Attraction Group

It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s an excellent way for you to stay connected to the message of Law of Attraction.

The best way to master the Law of Attraction is to teach it, share it, and discuss it with others.  Imagine a room of eight to 10 people who have all read this book.  They are all excited to share how it has changed their lives, their thinking and, most importantly, their results.  It is a high vibe-packed room (or conference call) that YOU created with your leadership.

Being the leader of this group will help YOU keep your commitment to applying Law of Attracting in your life.  It is very motivating to meet your group and share Law of Attraction successes and stories.

Leading a Law of Attraction Discussion Group

There are growing numbers of Law of Attraction readers who meet in groups, in their neighborhoods.

You too can host a meeting, and attract and surround yourself with like-minded people – people who practice and “walk the talk” of Law of Attraction.

Here are recommendations for hosting a successful meeting:

  • Start on time.  (I suggest 1.5 hours.)
  • End on time.
  • Resist serving food and drink.
  • Meet at least every two weeks, and meet consistently.
  • Keep group size to 10 or less.
  • Keep the group on track with the subject of Law of Attraction, guiding the conversation back to the subject.
  • Host for free, or charge a fee – depending on your objectives for hosting these meetings.

After hosting a number of meetings, you will find your own style that works for you.  To get started, here is a format that will ensure everyone has a voice at the meeting and everyone feels uplifted when they leave.

Initial meeting – first time connecting

As the host, you will facilitate the group. Give each person two to three minutes to share their answers to the following questions:

  • Introduce him/herself
  • What is your history of using Law of Attraction?
  • What do you like best about Michael’s book?
  • What attracted you to join this group?
  • What insights or “aha moments” did you have while reading the book?

Here are some suggestions to stimulate conversation and expand learning opportunities:

  • Ask someone to read their favorite quote in the book. Make that the day’s topic.
  • Ask for people’s interpretation of that quote. Why is it helpful?
  • Make it a teaching point – the group will love it when they learn.
  • Make sure you hear from everyone.

Regular meeting suggestions

1.      Welcome group

2.      Ask to hear from each person:

  • What have you attracted since the last meeting?
  • What other changes are you noticing in your life?
  • What changes are you noticing in your words and thoughts?

3.      Read or teach a section from the book. Choose one of the following suggestions:

  • Recap the 3-Step Process
  • Do the Clarity Though Contrast worksheets
  • Practice writing Desire Statements together
  • Practice identifying limiting beliefs
  • Review the tools for allowing

4.      Seek to hear from each person, asking one or all of these questions:

  • What did you learn from that last exercise?
  • What is something that you would like to attract?
  • What are you giving your attention, energy, and focus to?  Tell me more.